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Feed the Monster is the Easiest Way for Kids to Learn Arabic

Feed the Monster is the Easiest Way for Kids to Learn Arabic

Feed the monster Learn Arabic
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Reviewed by John Chau

Feed the Monster is a fun and effective interactive educational app that teaches young children how to read and write Arabic.

Developed by Rhino Games Studio, Feed the Monster lets kids collect and grow pet monsters while playing through a variety of levels that teach Arabic reading and writing in a fun, friendly, and entertaining way.


This app is so cool because kids are focused on growing a pet monster, but in the process they’re learning Arabic at the same time.

Various vocabulary memory games are scattered throughout the app, all while players embark through a journey over wild environments filled with Arabic letter, syllable, and word puzzles.

Players take part in completing Arabic reading and writing lessons throughout the entire app. Since the app is solely in Arabic (e.g. Sounds and instructions), it’s designed more for Arabic speakers who are illiterate rather than the casual language learner.

It’s also a great way for bilingual homes to augment their efforts to have their kids become literate in Arabic.

A neat feature in Feed the Monster is the optional parental progress report (accessible through the Settings button) that parents can use to monitor their children’s progress. Plus, there is no need for an online connection, which is a feature that makes this app great for use in places without wi-fi or data (e.g. while out and about and disconnected from the internet).

One of the things we liked most about Feed the Monster is that multiple players can use the same app on the same device. At the start of the game, players get to choose their own user which thus could let an entire family use the app to help teach their children Arabic literacy.

Feed the Monster Android App Review

Overall, we found Feed the Monster to be a well-designed app that focuses on teaching Arabic literacy to children through a fun child-friendly app.

Appearance and Layout

Feed the Monsters has incredible 3D, cartoonish graphics that welcome in young learners. The wide variety of environments and levels change up the pace and make it quite visually appealing, as do the calm colors used throughout the app and the varying hues and contrasts.

The layout is universal, so its understandable even if one does not speak or read Arabic. Levels can simply be selected by tapping on them.

Feed the Monsters is set up like many level-based Android games in which the player needs to beat a prior level in order to move onto the next. This adds a sense of accomplishments and gives players a goal to reach when scrolling around the beautifully crafted world map.

Overall, the layout and appearance of Feed the Monsters is similar to puzzle-based games but with the added twist of being a language learning app that educates its users well in learning Arabic.


Feed the Monster is free to download from the Google Play Store and doesn’t use up a whole lot of storage space.

For users who want to gain a better grasp of the Arabic language, Feed the Monster offers a tremendous value – it’s free and it offers hours of teaching an actual real world skill: Arabic literacy.

downloadFeed the Monster: Learn Arabic require Android 2.3 and up.

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