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Improve English: Word Games is the Most Fun You’ll Have Learning English

Improve English: Word Games is the Most Fun You’ll Have Learning English

Improve English: Word Games
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

It’s no secret that educational games are effective for learning a variety of skills. Why not, then, use that format to improve your English?

The Improve English: Word Games is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their use of the English Language.


The Improve English: Word Games, developed by Knudge:me, is a terrific way to boost your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills through research backed games and exercises.

It does not matter what level your English speaking and reading abilities are at, for this app strives to better you no matter how skilled you may be.

Course selections include “Vocabulary Builder” (Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced levels), “English Idioms”, “Common English Phrasal Verbs”, “Common Confusing Words”, and “Math Tips and Tricks”.

Each course offers personalized quizzes, fun and relevant learning games, and you can also track your progress and success rate for each course.

Appearance and Layout

Improve English: Word Games Android App Review

Improve English: Word Games Android App

The overall layout of the Improve English: Word Games is clear and straightforward. After creating an account through the app, you can access a wide variety of courses and exercises, and also set up daily notifications for courses that you subscribe to.

You also unlock various vocabulary cards when you continuously use the app, which you can collect and review at any time. These vocabulary cards come in handy since they not only display the meaning of each word, but also the pronunciation (with sound), and the correct usage.

The app’s appearance is appealing and easy on the eyes, especially after long time viewing with its friendly color scheme and easy to read menu displays.


Improve English: Word Games is free of charge, and so what better bargain could you ask for? Not only is it a highly beneficial app, but it makes learning fun!

Whether you are new to the English language, or English is your native language, you will still find this app valuable and entertaining.

Why waste your time playing mindless games, when you can play games and improve your vocabulary at the same time? This app is definitely a keeper.

Improve English: Word GamesEnglish 3 requires Android 4.0 and up.

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