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LeaderTask Gives You Total Control over Your to Do List

LeaderTask Gives You Total Control over Your to Do List

LeaderTask: To-Do List & Tasks
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

When it comes to getting things done, no device is a better aid for you than your Android phone.

Gone are the days of handwritten tasks lists that would get lost or ruined. Keeping track of things you need to accomplished has never been easier!

LeaderTask is an awesome free app by LeaderTask that makes it super simple to keep tabs on day-to-day activities.

You can be as brief or as detailed as you want, which gives you total control over your time.

Concept and Functionality

As someone who is a list maker at heart, I’m always searching for the next app that will help me conquer my day with ease and efficiency. Sometimes a simple to do list is sufficient, but other times I’m tackling projects where my to do list branches out.

LeaderTask is the perfect app for someone like myself, mainly because it gives you total control over how your list is organized, as well as what the list consists of.

When it comes to navigation, I love the fact that LeaderTask makes everything very accessible. Once you get the hang of the app you’ll be breezing through your list and projects in no time flat.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

LeaderTask Android App

One of the to do techniques I’ve adopted from the infamous “Bullet Journal” is migrating tasks that didn’t get done the previous day/week/month etc. Unfortunately this tends to be a manual process, but LeaderTask is one step ahead.

Thanks to its “Antiforgetfulness” feature, anything you don’t complete in the past is automatically moved to today’s list. This is an absolute blessing of a feature, and something that will help you save even more time and stay organized.

Other helpful features of LeaderTask include offline mode, which makes it super easy to conquer your list when you’re not connected to the internet. Thanks to the app’s secure cloud service, everything is saved once you’re online again.


LeaderTask is available to download from Google Play for free, but there’s an option to upgrade to a premium account if you find that you really like the service.

Cloud storage is limited to premium users, and there are a few other features (like project sharing) that aren’t included in the free version. However, I definitely think that the developers have kept the balance between free and premium accounts.

Overall, LeaderTask is a must-have app for anyone who is trying to master their time. It offers a ton of features that you won’t find in other apps and it caters to list makers of all types.

leadertask.jpgLeaderTask requires Android 4.0 and up.

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