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Space RPG 3 is a Total Thrill-Ride in Space

Space RPG 3 is a Total Thrill-Ride in Space

Space RPG 3 
Price: $1.49
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

If you enjoy games that can have multiple storylines and involves worlds beyond our own planet, then check out the Space RPG 3 game. Space RPG is actually a series and this game is the latest one from these talented developers.

Space RPG 3 is a unique and intriguing role playing game that’s perfect for any gamer who likes a challenge with lots of creativity throughout.


The setting of the Space RPG 3 game, developed by Esaptonor, places you in a vast solar system where you can land on different planets and buy and sell things, or even hyperspace jump from different systems.

There are missions you can participate in and you are basically creating your own version of the game’s storyline based on the various ways you play. You can fiddle around with various ship types, weapons and upgrades, and even switch roles.

Use the red circle on the left side of your device screen to navigate your ship which will always be in the center of your screen. The circle on the right side of your screen are your weapons. It may take a while to get the hang of the controls but take our word for it, it’s well worth the effort.

Appearance and Layout

Space RPG 3 Android App Review

Space RPG 3 Android App Review

We commend the designers of this well thought out game. The graphics and art style of Space RPG 3 are superb.

The different systems that you can explore are in themselves stunning to look at, and the various ships that you encounter are unique in their own way.

Navigation might seem slow at first, but once the player gets the hang of the controls, movement is smooth and spot on.


Although Space RPG 3 isn’t free, the price is minimal and it has so many various storylines you can change around that this game has very high replay value.

The game is also visually appealing and has enough depth to keep any new and returning player interested.

For anyone who likes to engage in role playing type games and games that involve a variety of plot twists and turns that you change based on your actions, then this game is definitely worth giving a try.

Space3Space RPG 3 requires Android 2.3 and up.

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