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Balance the Ball Is Addicting, Challenging, and Fun to Play

Balance the Ball Is Addicting, Challenging, and Fun to Play

Balance the Ball (Updated)
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Balance the Ball is an incredibly challenging free android game that is perfect for Flappy Bird fans and will definitely test your patience.

Developed by KG2 Entertainment, and updated on April 27th, this addicting accelerometer-based arcade game is a simple, yet effective time killer.

Concept and Gameplay

The idea behind Balance the Ball is very straightforward – all you have to do is tilt your Android device to keep the ball from falling off the platform. Easy enough, right?

Throw a few obstacles into the mix (a line you can’t touch and a shrinking platform), and you’ve got yourself a challenging game. If you can survive all three waves, you can call yourself a Balance the Ball master.

What I like about this particular game is that it has a very upbeat soundtrack that is perfect to get you into the competitive mode you need to be in to play this game. Plus, the game itself is very basic and free of fluff, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

However, while you don’t have any traditional upgrades, power ups, or other boosts to help you win the game, there is a blue power cube to help you and it’s available in every wave. The power cube can help but you have to rely on is your skill and continuous improvement.

One important point to be made here is that the game does relies on your phone’s gyro-sensor to do its accelerometer magic so you must have a phone with a gyro-sensor to play it. If the phone you’re using doesn’t have a gyro-sensor the game can’t be played.


Balance the Ball Android Game

Balance the Ball Android Game

Balance the Ball is incredibly simplistic, which means there aren’t many extra features to write about. There’s a handy tutorial to help you get started, but other than that everything is pretty basic.

One thing I really like about the game is that you have quite a bit of control over visual and audio aspects. Simply enter the settings menu and toggle through songs and backgrounds to set the game up just the way you want it.


Balance the Ball is available to download from Google Play for free. The game is supported with ads, but I didn’t find them to be intrusive at all. Occasionally I’d have an ad pop up at the end of a game, but that was it.

Overall, I highly recommend giving Balance the Ball a try if you enjoy games that force you to continuously play in order to improve your score.

This is certainly a test of patience and not for the faint of heart, but it’s pretty cool to see your skill improve as you continue to play the game.

balance_the_ball.jpgBalance the Ball updated on April 27, 2017, requires Android 4.4+.

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