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Solve Your Own Escape Route with Castle Breakout

Solve Your Own Escape Route with Castle Breakout


Castle Breakout – Escape!
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Reviewed by Philip Chan

For those of you who enjoy solving puzzles or figuring your way out of things there any number of games to try.

Castle Breakout – Escape! stands apart by being one of the most creative and interesting puzzle games to come along in quite a while.

This fun and challenging game, developed by Cloudburst Room Escape, features a classic escape room setting that you can solve on the go.


With the latest popularity of solving escape rooms in real life, Castle Breakout offers the same type of experience, but in a virtual and mobile setting.

The objective of the game is the same as regular escape rooms – locate all of the hidden objects in each room needed to complete the puzzles and allowing you to escape out of the rooms.

Items that you locate will appear on the right hand side of your app screen.

If you get stumped, the knight icon on the upper left hand corner will offer you hints and tips. If you still find yourself stuck on a particular level, wait a couple of hours and the level will reset. You can also fiddle around with the game settings, by tapping on the icon on the upper right hand corner of your screen.

Appearance and Layout

Castle Breakout Android App Review

Castle Breakout Android Game

The graphics of Castle Breakout are very well done and, with their photo-realistic 3-D effects, do a great job of resembling a true medieval castle setting.

Navigation and touch screen functions are smooth and easy to figure out, and the overall gist of the game is relatively straightforward, even for players who have never participated in an actual escape room setting before.


You can download Castle Breakout for free, which is a great deal considering the amount of game play you can get out of the game.

Levels 1 through 7 are available right away, where levels 8 through 10 are a dollar to unlock each.

The time it takes to solve each level and room varies per player, but the experience will be sure to satisfy even the most advanced puzzle solver.

Castle3Castle Breakout – Escape! requires Android 2.3 and up.

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