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Run as Fast as You Can with Bunny Run 2

Run as Fast as You Can with Bunny Run 2

Bunny Run 2
Price: Free
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Reviewed by Philip Chan

Lots of gamers we know are always on the lookout for fast paced, on the go, comical games that are challenging and fun to play. Unfortunately that’s usually easier said than done.

Bunny Run 2, we’re very happy to report, is a notable exception. This awesome upgrade to the original Bunny Run is fun, challenging and suitable for players of any age.


In Bunny Run 2, developed by Stem Studios, your aim is to help Bunny get back his missing little bunnies from the runaway fox.

Meanwhile, during the chase you will try to collect as many carrots as you can and also avoid as many obstacles along the way which can halt your race against time. Be careful though, coming in contact with specific animals will make you restart your journey.

However, certain animals, objects, and plants can assist you to progress better through the game such as providing higher jumps and faster speed.

Appearance and Layout

Bunny Run 2 Android Game

The graphics in Bunny Run 2 are superb. Quirky, amusing, and adorable at the same time, players will enjoy sending

Bunny on the go as they watch him race by various animals and plant obstacles along the way.

Bright colors, detailed backdrop settings, and fast paced animation all contribute beneficially to the game play no matter how many rounds you may have to start over on.

Fun background music and sound effects add extra excitement as well.


Bunny Run 2 is a super fun and entertaining game for players of all ages. It is family friendly, convenient, and quick, so anyone who has a short attention span can easily pick up this game and not get bored right away.

With its cheery graphics and goofy animation, along with the fact that this game app is free to play makes it one really appealing game to try out and keep on playing.

Bunny Run 2 requires Android 2.3 and up.

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