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Earn Points by Lending Your Camera with CamerLender

Earn Points by Lending Your Camera with CamerLender

CamerLender: mobile camera crowd lending service
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

CamerLender is a very cool Android app that allows its users to take pictures for others remotely and be rewarded for it.

Developed by Spanish-based developers,, CamerLender is a crowdsourcing, personalized media app that lets its users remotely view a place, event, or anything at a certain location and time and rewards the users who let them do so through their device.


CamerLender is a unique app that features an interesting approach to crowdsourcing media that looks to be quite promising.

Users who want to see what something (like an event, restaurant, hotel room, etc.) looks like in real time as opposed to old Yelp photos can create a Task in CamerLender and specify the exact conditions they want the photo or video to have.

These conditions can be things like location, timing, direction of viewing, duration, etc. Other users can then view the requested Task and choose to Accept or Reject it.

To create a Task, users simply tap-and-hold on a location on the in-app map, choose between filling out the simple Task form or the Detailed Task form (which includes more precise options for specific shots),  and offer an amount of Points as a reward to whoever completes it.

By Accepting a Task, the Task completer will be rewarded with virtual points. These virtual points can be used to reward other users for fulfilling their own user-generated Tasks. Hence the app runs off of its global user base creating and fulfilling each other’s tasks.

Upon downloading and installing the app, we opened it up to be met with a lengthy Terms and Conditions page the neatly describes the app. We highly recommend everyone to read thoroughly.

Users should be sure to understand that requested media can be marked either Private or Public, and if they are listed as Private, then the person fulfilling the Task (by taking a photo or video) no longer owns any rights to that photo or video they took and, according to the Terms and Conditions, actually needs to remove it off their device once the task is complete.

After reading through the Ts&Cs and continuing on, a small text box appeared showing us the basic instructions on how to use CamerLender. A more thorough tutorial can be found under the About/HowTo section in the app.

CamerLender Android App

Once past the instructions, we could browse around the map and look at various tasks or make our own tasks. Users are prompted to login (via Google+, Twitter, or Facebook) before viewing the Tasks and their Account.

We thoroughly enjoyed checking out the tasks others had made near us and found CamerLender to be a remarkable app with a great potential of ushering in a new-era of crowdsourced AND crowdfunded personal media.

Appearance and Layout

CamerLender has a very simple appearance as it uses Google Maps for its base layer and simply designates tasks via different coloured points.

We think it would be easier to use if the developers also added in a Satellite or Topographical view options for the map as that would make specifying locations much more precise.

The layout is a little more advanced than simply user-friendly as some of the task options could be confusing to a casual user and the text appears to be rather roughly formatted, but altogether the app is easy to navigate within.


CamerLender is free to download, with its first 5,000 users receiving 1,000 virtual points for free. Virtual points are the in-app currency needed to reward other users for completing assigned tasks. For users that want to gain more virtual points, they can be purchased via in-app purchases that range from $0.99 to $59.99, or they can simply fulfill other users’ Tasks.

The developer has speculated on their website that in the future they might add a way to withdraw those virtual points for real-world currency (e.g Bitcoins), which would certainly make this app a fun way to earn money.

Overall, we think that CamerLender is a unique concept that is well worth the download and we are excited to see how it continues to grow.

CamerLender requires Android 4.0.3 and up.

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