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Create Compatible LaTeX Files with LaTex Master File Creator

Create Compatible LaTeX Files with LaTex Master File Creator

LaTeX Master File Creator
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

LaTeX Master File Creator is very well designed Android app and is indispensable for anyone writing, compiling, editing, and reviewing .tex files on an Android device.

Created by developer Ari.Ang2018, LaTeX Master File Creator is designed for writers who know how to type LaTeX commands and need a free simple way to do it on their Android device.

For those who are unfamiliar with LaTeX, LaTeX is a set of macros for TeX (a typesetting computer program) which helps reduce the user’s task to only have to write the content while LaTeX deals with all of the formatting process.


LaTeX Master File Creator provides an easy way to view and edit .tex and .txt files on an Android. This free app is very simple with only six options in the drop-down menu. The first option is Settings, which allows users to edit the filename, title, author, subject, and keywords of the document.

The next option is Import Notes, which is needed for users to import their own .tex files. It also provides five samples (four in .tex and one in .txt) that a user can edit within the TeX framework.

However, users should keep in mind that the free version only allows 5 documents in it and that importing in all five samples will max out the limit. Imported notes should be in UTF-8 encoding, and are imported in from the directory: /sdcard/Txt2TexINPUT/

The third option in the drop-down menu is Topics which lets users get compatible LaTeX master files from selected topics.

The fourth and fifth options are simply to generate new .txt or .tex files. The sixth option allows users to delete selected files, and the seventh option lets users purchase the Pro version which removes the limited number of notes.

LaTeX Master File Creator Android App

Overall, we found LaTeX Master File Creator to be easy to learn and quite useful in editing and reviewing LaTeX files.

In our opinion, though, it would be much more useful if it included a way to compile the LaTeX Master Files into a .pdf.

According to the developer’s GitHub, users must use a separate LaTeX app to compile their LaTeX Master Files into a .pdf file.

Appearance and Layout

LaTeX Master File Creator has the smooth appearance of a simple app designed to solely edit or create .tex files. A light blue-white-grey color scheme gives a pleasant viewing environment and is easy to read.

The layout might be confusing to newbies at first, but a few seconds of playing around with the drop-down menu in the right hand corner of the screen will clear up any uncertainty. Users unfamiliar with .tex formatting should be sure to tap Get Notes or Import Notes to load several useful templates.


LaTeX Master File Creator is free to download and use, but users who want to have an unlimited number of notes (and help support the development of new features) can purchase the Pro version for $1.99 by tapping Get Pro on the in-app drop down menu.

Overall, we found LaTeX Master File Creator to be an indispensable tool for compiling LaTeX Master Files on Android devices, and we think that LaTex Master File Creator helps fill the niche on the Google Play Store for those who need to manage .tex files from their device.

LaTeX Master File Creator requires Android 4.4 and up.

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