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Keep Current on Indian Stocks with EquityMaster

Keep Current on Indian Stocks with EquityMaster

EquityMaster – Independent Stock Market Research App India
Price: Free
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Reviewed by John Chau

EquityMaster – Independent Stock Market Research App India is an very cool stock market app designed to provide current market information about Indian stocks to Indian Android users.

Created by developer EquityMaster, the EquityMaster Independent Stock Market Research App India (or EquityMaster for short) is one of the most informative ways to stay updated on Indian markets, and includes various investment tools and ways to track your portfolio.


The EquityMaster Android App provides the same content as that of the EquityMaster website, but with much more optimization for Android devices.

EquityMaster includes nifty features such as Today’s Market which lets users read daily commentaries on the BSE/NSE stock markets, along with the daily stocks that have risen and fallen throughout the day.

EquityMaster also has a feature called MyStocks that lets users easily keep track of their favorite stocks and watch for trends with their handy Charts (Advanced and Normal) feature.

EquityMaster’s Portfolio Tracker gives users an overview of their entire portfolio and can compile intelligent reports for them.  Users can track their Networth (equities, mutual funds, gold, etc.) and the Intelligent Alert lets users be alerted to recent developments with their holdings.

We particular enjoyed the Chart of the Day feature that shows users what EquityMaster calls “hidden insights” – specific trends that might be skipped over and missed otherwise.

EquityMaster – Independent Stock Market Research App India Android App

Along with being able to read the various e-Newsletters that EquityMaster publishes, EquityMaster has a Market Monitor that is filled with useful information on the current market to help with making smart investments.

We highly appreciated EquityMaster’s charts and the amount of freedom users have to customize the app to suite their particular interests and portfolios. The level of customization is quite remarkable and highly useful for Android users.

Overall, we found EquityMaster to be an insightful app into the Indian stock market and it certainly helps with staying up to date with the market while on the go and away from a computer.

Appearance and Layout

EquityMaster looks great and has an in-app adjustable font size, plus there is just enough text to not appear too cluttered. The red, black, and grey colours blend well when viewing, and we got an overall sense of smoothness when scrolling through the app.

The charts, graphics, and articles all look good and appear to be the same as those on the EquityMaster website.

The layout is well designed with short summaries on the different articles which are available to read, and there are easily accessible menu options and ways to view different stocks.

We think that the one thing that the developers could do to improve on this app would be to change the font layout on the “Today’s Market” section to be left-aligned since it is left-aligned everywhere else, but is currently center-aligned when Today’s Market is accessed from the drop-down menu under My Stocks.

Overall, we found EquityMaster to be masterfully done in its overall design.


EquityMaster is free to download and use, and at only about 6 MB, it is well worth the download for users who want to have an easy way for staying up to date on Indian stock markets.

Fullscreen ads occasionally appear but can be closed by tapping the “x” in the upper corner.

Users can sign up for a free one year Premium subscription by tapping the Premium option on the drop-down menu and creating a free account with EquityMaster. However, users will need to pay Rs 330 (~$5) after the first year to continue their subscription.

Overall, we found EquityMaster to be a well-developed app filled with significant features dedicated to providing users with an easy way to view the Indian stock market and help make important investment decisions.

EquityMaster – Independent Stock Market Research App India requires Android 4.0 and up, and is not available in the U.S. or Canada.

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