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Use JobFLEX to Easily Create Invoices and Quotes

Use JobFLEX to Easily Create Invoices and Quotes

Invoice & Estimate: JobFLEX
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Reviewed by John Chau

JobFLEX is the perfect app for independent contractors and small business owners and is an awesome tool to have right in your pocket.

It lets Android users create job quotes, invoices and easily manage client info right on their mobile device.

Created by the JobFLEX developers, JobFLEX provides a host of easily accessible features for its users to make professional-quality estimates and invoices from within the app that saves them time, expedites payments, and could even help them sell more jobs.


JobFLEX provides a platform to easily create quotes and invoices for customers, whether online or offline. Users simply open their app, create an account or login, and begin adding new Quotes, Invoices, Customers, or Items.

When users create a Quote, they are met with the following choices: Add Customer, Add Item, Add Note, Add Photo(s). Plus, they can create a contract and include the contract terms in the quote with the option of adding in a signature line. Users will then be able to preview the Quote as a .PDF or send it directly via email to their inquirer.

We particularly like the option of being able to add photos to our quotes and having it auto-formatted into the .PDF without having to send a separate email to the inquirer with photos.

When users create an Invoice, they are met with: Add Customer, Add Item (with optional Discounts and % Tax Rate), Payments (includes Payment Method and Payment Notes), and Notes. Users can then also preview the Invoice as a .PDF or send it via email to their customer.

One thing we noted while reviewing JobFLEX was that the optional % Tax Rate didn’t seem to be automatically calculated in the total cost, whereas the Discounts were.

JobFLEX Android App

We love how simple it is to manage your customers with JobFLEX, and how with just a few taps a professional Invoice or Quote can be generated.

Appearance and Layout

JobFLEX is very aesthetically pleasing with large font, a simple blue, orange, and gray color-scheme and wonderfully generated .PDF Reports, Quotes, and Invoices.

The layout is well-planned with all of the features available in JobFLEX being easily accessibly. Plus, the developers have made the app “fat-finger friendly,” which essentially means big buttons to tap and large, well-defined parameters. This helps make JobFLEX simple to navigate and use for those of us with large fingers.

Overall, we think that JobFLEX looks remarkably smooth and is well-designed.


JobFLEX is free to download for the single user as a Trial version which only allows the creation of 6 invoices and quotes, but users can purchase the Basic ($8/month or $56/year) or Pro ($15/month or $90/year) versions for a fee.

The Basic version lets users have unlimited clients, unlimited material items, unlimited estimates, and unlimited invoices, whereas the Pro version lets users have all of the Basic features and unlimited users, group or individual performance reporting, and the ability to limit or remove user access.

Overall, we found JobFLEX to fill the niche of providing a simple and easy way to generate high quality estimates and invoices on an Android device, and we think it would be a great addition to any independent contractor or small business.

JobFLEX requires Android 4.03 and up.

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